2020 | Australië | Barossa Valley

Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley

  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley
  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley
  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley

Beauty and the Beast in één wijn. "Unbelievable! Another insane wine. Endless. Seamless and gorgeous." (James Suckling, 99/100) This is a sensation, in every respect." (Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, 98/100)

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  • Smaakprofiel
    Complex, krachtig & vol
  • Druivenras
  • Land & Regio
    Australië, Barossa Valley
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"Donker fruit, pittige specerijen, rijpe tannine"

De favoriete cuvée van Dan Standish zelf, ontsproten aan de Roennfeldt Road Vineyard in Marananga. Beauty and the Beast. In één en dezelfde wijn welteverstaan.

"Unbelievable! Another insane wine. The length of this is endless. The blue fruits and Asian spices are mind- blowing. It’s medium- to full-bodied with a mouth full of polished and refined, creamy tannins. It goes on for minutes. Endless. Seamless and gorgeous. Leave this for years ahead if you can keep your hands off it. Better after 2025." (James Suckling, 99/100)

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WijnsoortRode Wijn
RegioBarossa Valley
SmaakprofielComplex, krachtig & vol
Alcoholgehalte14,9 %
Op dronk vanaf2027
Op dronk tot2040
Bevat sulfietenSulfieten
  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley
  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley
  • Standish The Schubert Theorem 2020 Barossa Valley

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
98/100 punten
The 2020 The Schubert Theorem Shiraz was made with fruit from the Roennfeldt Road vineyard in Marananga, with 70% whole bunches in the ferment. This is the only cuvée in the collection that sees any inclusion of a different maturation vessel: the northeastern corner of the vineyard goes into concrete, because it retains the pure blue fruit characters that so define the wine. When one considers the dirt that is in this vineyard (and I ask you, without dirt, just where would we all be?), when one sees its black, shaley sparkle, one can get a sense of what to expect in the wine. It is always the black, brooding beast of the pack, but there is always—and I repeat, ALWAYS—a core of very pure fruit at its heart. This year is no different, and it is encased in fine but structuring tannin. It soars long across the palate, and yet within it, this wine is elegant and pliable. If the Lamella is the intriguing, pretty wine, and The Standish is the savory powerhouse, then The Relic is the iron fist–velvet glove... which makes this the enigma. I cannot overstate how attracted I am to the prowling, slinking nature of it. The tannins here—of all the wines—have a blueberry skin gravel to them; they are chalky and fine and a little bit gritty... excellent. This is a sensation, in every respect. A hot contender for best wine in the release this year.

Wine Front
96+/100 punten
Oooh. A lovely choc-hazelnut bar kind of thing happening here, blueberry and blackberry, spicy too, which is kind of unusual for Roenfeldt, and maybe a character of the vintage. Lots of tannin, kind of gummy and firm, a tea-like flavour and perfume too, Really quite sticky in feel, but ample fruit flavour, lots of mouth-perfume, again the blueberry richness, and iron grip of tannin to close on a long and fresh finish. Here’s a wine of potency and power, that will need many years to roll out. Exotic spice punctuates the finish. Wow. This is intense and firm.

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